AI Sense Sam Liang



Sam is the CEO/Founder of AISense Inc, based in Los Altos, California. Funded by Horizons Ventures (DeepMind, Waze, Zoom, Facebook), Tim Draper, David Cheriton (Stanford Professor Billionaire, the first investor in Google), Slow Ventures, etc. With its core team from Google Speech team, AISense is building Ambient Voice Intelligence™ technologies with deep learning that understand human-to-human conversations and provide highly innovative services. It will digitize all meetings, phone calls, and make everything searchable, as well as providing speech analytics on all the conversations, either on mobile or over teleconferences.

Previously, Sam was the CEO and Co-Founder of Alohar Mobile Inc in Palo Alto, California, which created world’s first mobile location context platform, enabling a new category of context-aware mobile apps, such as intelligent mobile social, mobile shopping, mobile ads, smart personal assistants, etc. Alohar was successfully acquired by Alibaba in 2013.

Before that, Sam was the platform architect and lead of Google Map Location Service for four years. Sam also designed Google’s mobile location API and early Google Latitude.

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