Blockchain Founder Club (Beta) announced to connect the entrepreneurs in the blockchain community

The Founder Club now has a new name: Blockchain Founder Club (Beta). To embrace the booming for blockchain and cypto startups, the Blockchain Founder Club will focus on startups founders and developers in these sector for the foreseeable future. This is a great step to have a sector focused founder community.
The community plan to host following events:
Blockchain Demo Night Monthly
Blockchain Technology Meetup
Private Demo
Founder Bootcamp
Social Events
The Blockchain Founder Club is still in its beta version. To accomplish these goals, The community is looking for couple helpers:
1 One full time community manager / leader
This person can serve as my partner or my assistant depend on experience level. Need to be super energetic, self motivated, and passionate (and at lest basic understanding) to blockchain and crypto space.
2 Contributors
2-3 lead event organizer (Volunteer) for the community. to drive some of the community events.
email if you are interested.
And here are more ways to be part of the Blockchain Founder Club Community (Beta)
For those founders who are not involved in Blockchain, SVE meetup will cover SF for non blockchain related events (Health Tech, etc)
The Blockchain Founder Club will be officially launched after the team is assembled.

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