Connecting Traditional VCs with Blockchain

One of the most exciting developments in the technology space today is that of cryptocurrencies and their accompanying digital ledgers. F50’s Global Capital Summit will be an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors in the world of cryptocurrency to meet and discuss the exciting future of this industry.
In the last few years, Blockchain-based companies have gained a tremendous amount of support from traditional venture capital firms. As Blockchain — the world’s first truly transparent and secure digital transaction ledger — continues to develop and grow, VC investments should follow a similar trajectory.
As recently as 2012, venture capital firms accounted for just $2.13 million in Blockchain investments. By 2017, worldwide VC investments in Blockchain and Blockchain-based startups totaled over $900 million, a number which should rise again this year. Through February 2018, venture capital fundraising for Blockchain companies in 2018 was already over 40% of last year’s total.
On the other end of the funding spectrum, many startups are now self-funding by offering their own cryptocurrencies in an initial coin offering, or ICO. Last year alone, ICO-backed projects generated nearly $500 million in funding.
Much of the current Blockchain investment is coming from China, where a government-based investment group is starting a funding center specifically geared to Blockchain development. The future of cryptocurrency on the whole will likely rely greatly on investors and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and China teaming up.
As Bitcoin miners continue to bring more coins into circulation, the industry keeps climbing in value — creating fresh opportunities for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors alike. From VCs to ICOs, there’s a ton of funding being generated for smart startups.
F50’s Global Capital Summit will be attended by many of these founders and funders, and it’s exciting just to think about the various kinds of innovative developments that will arise from their partnerships.

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