F50 Blockchain Investment Report Featuring Most Active Investors


PALO ALTO, Calif., June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — F50 Synergy Blockchain Summit — F50, a Silicon Valley venture capital network, announced the F50 Blockchain Investment Report (Beta) of the most active blockchain investors from the United States and China @ F50’s Synergy Blockchain Summit in Palo Alto.  F50 evaluated over 1,000 investors and identified the top 50 that were investing in blockchain-related fields across various industries.

“We’re excited to announce our first F50 Blockchain Investment Report tailored to our network of investors and community of founders,” said Sergey Paramonov, Ph.D., Investor in Residence of F50. “The F50 Report presents a deep dive into the current blockchain investment landscape comprised of both traditional VCs and new blockchain-only investors. Here we examine recent market trends, identify top investors in the field and provide thoughtful insight into the global dynamic of the U.S. and Chinese blockchain investment markets.”

The F50 Synergy Blockchain Summit is a fusion of traditional venture capital and blockchain investment. The summit features over 50 global leaders from the top law firms, CPA’s, and VC’s in the investment ecosystem, along with extraordinary blockchain companies, and 400+ attendees from the venture capital and global investment community. Also included are select VC executives, influential long-term investors, corporate ventures and corporate executives, asset management companies, and a group of high potential local CEOs.

To view the report: http://f50.io/report

About F50

F50 is a venture capital platform focused on finding extraordinary startups in Silicon Valley and investing in them with its network of global capital. F50’s produces events including Global Capital Summit™, Synergy Blockchain Summit, and Founder World. Other products and services include the F50 Report, Corporate Services, and the F50 Ventures Fund.

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