F50 Synergy Blockchain Summit Presents: GrubMarket, uPower, Open Garden, GeniPaper, Nodel.io, Alza, DiFuon, Ponder

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Presenting Companies

Backed by the legendary GGV Capital, Grubmarket aims to make nutritious mostly organic foods from small producers accessible to customers who would want it but don’t like to, don’t live near or simply can’t afford to shop at farmer’s markets and other specialty groceries that have traditionally sold it.
On the cutting edge of blockchain proofing, UPower’s mission is to create a decentralized global clean energy trading ecosystem free of grid barriers, high intermediary costs and country specific restrictions. UPower is creating a blockchain based system that utilizes tokens to solve the world’s biggest issues surrounding clean energy production, storage, accessibility and payment.
With support of many big names such as Mark Cuban, Open Garden turns your phone into a hotspot and securely shares your WiFi connectivity to other Open Garden users in range. Other users never see your personal information or content. Depending on your phone and the speed of the connection, you can stream up to 4K video in real time through Open Garden. In early 2018, you can earn Open Garden cryptocurrency for sharing your connection. Use it to pay for bandwidth when you’re on the go, or convert it to local currency.
Genipaper is a one-stop media hub where you can create, distribute and process payments for high quality original film, gaming, sports and technology content. Our full-service studios allow you to create the content, our dedicated Blockchain smart contract exchange data center allows you to securely distribute the content and get payment instantly from OTT distributors or from the consumers directly.
Nodle is an IoT and connectivity network provider. The company has built a network for collecting data from remote devices that do not have regular Internet connections. This network is of value to companies that manufacture and/or own hardware and want to gather data from these remote devices.
ALZA is an end-to-end solution which links the dedicated high-throughput blockchain with self-organizing payment fields. This mechanism allows [an] arbitrary set of users to create payment fields that process extremely low latency transactions within each field. Therefore, users can make transactions almost immediately.
Difuon is a Decentralized Federated Ephemeral Edge Computing Platform and Marketplace.
Ponder is a mobile game for playing matchmaker where you can win real money for making successful matches. Ponder decentralizes matchmaking, allowing anybody to play matchmaker for their friends and a community of singles.
At F50’s Synergy Blockchain Summit, we’re bringing world class thought leaders together to present and share ideas on blockchain compliance and investment. This is NOT your typical blockchain event, it’s a deep dive into the current and future state of blockchain regulations along with a unique perspective from traditional venture capital.
*Agenda is subject to change.
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