Fireside Chat with Equiti Games CEO Tony Caputo @ Global Capital Insider


At F50’s Global Capital Insider Reception hosted on Oct 3rd in Palo Alto, we spoke with the Founder World Championship winner, Tony Caputo about how Equiti Games, a blockchain-powered distribution and licensing network, is creating a secondary market for digital games and revolutionizing digital game distribution.
“The $100B+ gaming market is growing even faster as it’s moving more and more digital.  However, when we buy a digital game today, we are trading away our rights and ownership in exchange for convenience. 76% of games sold today are digital, and you cannot trade, sell or give that game to somebody else like you could with a physical disc or cartridge.”
“We’re creating a revolutionary platform that empowers gamers and re-establishes their rights and ownership while also, for the first time, securing fair compensation and new revenue streams for the creator, developer and publisher when their digital games are re-sold and exchanged.”

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