Global Capital Summit Featuring 300+ Global Investors, LAST CHANCE for Early Bird Ticket

Join us at Global Capital Summit – Spring 2018. Prices will increase by next Monday, April 30th! This is your LAST CHANCE to get an additional 20% off the Early Bird tickets with code “F50NETWORK”.
Featured Guest List
  • Ling Gan, SF Holding, Deputy GM
  • Pramod Gosavi, VMware, Corporate Investments
  • Tracy Wang, ZZ Ventures, CEO
  • Allen Yang, Red Harp Corporation, CEO
  • Houman Haghighi, Qualcomm Ventures, Head of Business Development
  • Patrick Berbon, China Materialia VC fund, Managing Partner
  • Laura Collins, BDO USA LLP, Director
  • Cynthia Carrillo, Greater Sacramento Economic Council, Regional Director, Bay Area
  • Shirley Deng, Tencent, Business Development Manager
  • Sabya Das, Moneta Ventures, Partner
  • Jeff Chien, Plug and Play Tech Center, Head of China Partnership
  • Ludovic Copere, Sony Innovation Fund, Director
  • Mike Xu, Fosun Capital, Managing Director
  • Rose Gong, Fosun Capital, Managing Director
  • Hao Chen, DL Capitals, investor
  • Dmitry Alimov, Frontier Ventures, Founder
  • Norm Gitis, Lymo Ventures, Managing Partner
  • Steve Bernardez, ONSET Ventures, Partner
  • Wanlin Wang, Bibox, Co-Founder
  • Laird Cagan, RocketSpace Capital, Managing Partner
  • Helen Liang PhD, FoundersX Ventures, Managing Partner
  • Ann Shin, D.Ed, Fenoxvc, General Partner
  • Elise Huang, Gopher Asset, Managing Partner
  • Alfred Chu, DIR Ventures, Partner
  • Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics, Managing Director
  • Zhen Fang, Jupai Investment, Executive President-U.S Branch
  • Elaine Mo, Ascend Capital Partners, Vice President
  • Tim Kazurayama, Presidio Ventures, INC., Sr. Director
  • Robin Li, GGV Capital, GGV Capital
  • Benjamin Xu, XCapital Management, Managing Partner
  • Alexis Ji, Illumina ventures, Partner
  • Henry Wong, Garage TechVentures, Managing Director
  • Bill Liao, BDO USA LLP, Partner, China Desk Lead
  • Zhen Cao, JD Capital, JLab, Investment Director
  • Walter Liu, MediaTek Ventures, Investment Director
  • David Chen, HYSTA, Chairman
  • Gordon Wan, Zenity Ventures, Investment Director
  • Michael Novikov, Knowledge investments, knowledge investor
  • Robbi Magnuson, EFD Corp., President
  • Stefon Crawford, General Motors Ventures, VC Analyst
  • Gregory Castle, Anorak Ventures, Managing Partner
  • Radu B. Rusu, Fyusion, CEO
  • George Chen, Nautilus Venture Partners, Principal
  • Shuo Zhang, AuGC BioFund, Managing Partner
  • Regina Leung, Bay Angels, Executive Director Health Tech
  • Jun Hou, Fosun, Managing Director
  • Ben Shih, Icon Ventures, Partner
  • Yi Zhao, Westlake Ventures, CEO
  • Sylvia Chen, CyberPulse Limited, VP of Finance
  • Garrett Vygantas, OSF Healthcare Ventures, OSF Healthcare Ventures
  • Eric Ball, Impact Venture Capital, General Partner
  • Sean Jiam, NetApp, Inc., Senior Director, Corporate Development
  • Carol Mao, Fusion Fund, Vice President
  • Brett Brown, Xsolla Capital, Managing Partner
  • Eve Muradyan, Xsolla Capital, Director of Strategic Engagement
  • Ephraim Lindenbaum, Advance Ventures, Managing Director
  • Matt Cook, Braveship Media, Founder and CEO
  • Vadim Tarasov, Satellite Capital, Managing Partner
  • Bill Wang, 360, President, Overseas Gaming
  • Amy Gu, Hemi Ventures, Managing Partner
  • James Zhang, Shanda Group, Executive Director
  • Jeff Heely, MainBrace Capital, Founder
  • Danil Kislinskiy, IBConsulter, Founder
  • Lisa Gao, China Mobile Tech USA, President
  • Tony Ng, Mandra Capital, VC
  • David Austin, Machine.VC, Managing Director
  • Hermann Liu, Andra Capital, Managing Partner
  • Jasmine Zhang, Westlake Ventures, General Manager of Westlake Accelerator
  • Derek Acree, Finova Financial, Chief Legal Officer
  • Chenxu Zhang, Peakview Capital, Senior Investment Manager
  • Vivian Ling, Dragon solutions, CEO
  • Harper Gu, Apple Inc., SRE
  • Ekta Dang, Intel Capital, General Partner
  • Tai Hsia, XY Ventures, Managing Director
  • David Collier, Presidio Partners, Managing Director
  • Anshul Agarwal, Mitsui Investments, Director
  • Keyan Li, NewDo Venture, General Partner
  • Lake Dai, LDV Partners, Managing Director
  • Henry Fan, Crossvine Ventures, Managing Partners
  • Larry Chao, Ricoh Innovations Corporation, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development
  • Brewer Stone, Nfluence Partners, Partner
  • Jack Jia, GSR Ventures, Partner
  • Yiting Wang, Cybernaut Westlake Partners, Investment Manager
  • Ben Stanzl, EIC, Managing Director
  • Wayne Zhang, LDV Parnters, Founding Partner
  • Ariel Arrieta, NXTP Labs, Managing Partner
  • Andy Wu, Suning International, Director of Corporate Development and Venture
  • Orrin Ailloni-Charas, angelMD, Chief Medical Officer
  • Zahava Stroud, Angel Launch, Investment Director
  • Luke Tang, TechCode Accelerator(US) Inc, General Manager
  • Paul Tuan, Andra Capital, Managing Director
  • Stephen Li, Huawei, VP to TP&C in North America
  • Howie Xu, Genesis Capital, Venture Partner
  • Cindy Wang, Westlake ventures, Director
  • Dien Yuen, Evercore Wealth Management, Managing Director
  • John Ricci, US Angels, MD
  • Tim Kazurayama, Presidio Ventures, Inc., Senior Director
  • Xi Fang, Button Capital, Managing Partner
  • Lily Lee, Button Capital, Founding Partner
  • Jake Yu, Peregrine Ventures, Managing Partner
  • + 300 More…


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