New Directions in DeepTech Investment

    What makes deep tech startups different than their digital cousins? What are the new expectations that investors have for startup funding? What do deep tech startups need (besides money)?
    These questions—and their answers—signal a new direction in deep tech startup funding.
    More Resources, More Business Savvy, More Collaboration The answers to these questions can be summarized in one word: more. Commercializing truly disruptive technology requires:
    • More development resources. More time, research resources and money to develop totally new technologies and commercialize new products.
    • More business awareness and skills. That means senior decision makers must have the ability to market a first-of-its-kind product before they launch it and review everything technological from a business point of view.
    • More non-financial support. Deep tech startups face challenges that go beyond capital. Survey respondents noted concern over the time to market of their innovations, needing more information about their economic environment and a wish to collaborate with corporate partners to fill gaps such as distribution networks and customer segmentation.
    And oh yes, deep tech requires more patient investors. Deep tech payback periods are typically longer because it takes longer to get products to market.
    Deep Tech Founders, Meet Local and International Investors
    The only way to get meaningful answers to your investment and partnership questions is go meet local and international investors, investment strategists and good old-fashioned entrepreneurs.
    On May 3rd, 2018, you can meet the F50 network at the Spring Global Capital Summit. This one-day event brings investing expertise to Palo Alto.
    Join us for a day filled with information, startup presentations and networking with HealthTech, AI, Robotics, Materials Science and other Deep Tech founders. For agendas and detailed speakers’ information for this event, go to

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