Silicon Valley Blockchain Developer Hackathon attracted 350+ developers, including add-ons of training session, and hacker night

You are invited to join the 350+ people who had registered for this free Blockchain Developer Hackathon starting tomorrow.  With new developer training track and mini hackathon, and a big venue, we can host more people than we had planed five weeks ago. And many of investors from F50 global network would like to see the great demos Hacker Night and F50 Synergy Blockchain  Summit
One more reason: You can also select to show up only to the Hacker Night at Sunday which is the demo session of the hackathon.
This event was put together in just five weeks!  Its a great community effort supported by many volunteers, organizations, and sponsors.  If you would like to contribute the community, pls also come to meet the community leaders from SVE, Blockchain Founder Club, SVDN, and more.

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