The ‘Home Shelter Policy’ announced yesterday by Bay Area Authorities to control COVID-19 outbreak and developing situation has created lots of challenges and uncertainty to the founders and investors in our community. It highlights the need for innovation and early solutions in the health and medical space. Innovators, leaders and influencers in the startup ecosystem like you, are vital to educate and enlighten the community and create positive global impact.

The F50 Global Insight series of video talks will include numerous speaking sessions, panel discussions, interviews etc. Our online viewers include the world’s leading corporations, VCs, angel investors, startup founders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. At this critical time, building on F50’s focus on HealthTech innovation over the past year, as well as the upcoming F50 Global Capital Summit on June 16, is a dire necessity to bring together healthtech experts, entrepreneurs, and the global investor community to Elevate HealthTech Innovation.

F50 is known for the exceptional quality of its speaker programs as well as its select audience. As an industry leader, you would contribute greatly to the community and have your message heard by one of the largest communities in the venture ecosystem. The discussion will be conducted over Zoom and the video will be live streamed through youtube, and posted on our global channels.

Youtube Channel

Zoom meeting:

David Cao

CEO, F50

Managing Partner, F50 Ventures, F50 Elevate

Partner, Hunniwell Lake Ventures

First group of sessions on March 17

2PM Testing vs Treatment

Dr. Uli K. Chettipally, MD. COVID-19: 


David Cao, F50 Ventures, Hunniwell Lake Ventures

Amit, Research Engineering, School of Medicine, Stanford 

2:20 Fireside chat: Sean Randolph, Bayarea Council,

Moderators: Pavan Kumar, Partner, F50 Elevate

2:45 Chat How startups can use the lockdown time

Keith Teare, ADV CapitalModerators: Pavan Kumar, Partner, F50 Elevate

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