ixlayer, testing COVID-19 online, Dr. Poorya Sabounchi, Co-founder/COO


Fireside Chat: Dr. Poorya Sabounchi, Co-founder/COO, ixlaye Moderator: Amit Saha, Research Engineer, Stanford School of Medicine David Cao, Managing Partner, F50 | Partner, Hunniwell Lake Ventures

Poorya is co-founder and COO of ixlayer, a health data company for bio pharma, health systems, and clinical labs in the field of genomics. Ixlayer is at the center of the revolution in connecting patients to their data but successfully doing it by working with the existing stakeholders themselves.Previously Poorya was part of the Avantome founding team which was acquired by Illumina  in 2008 and was a key scientist developing portable genetic sequencing technologies at Illumina. He spent two years coaching Illumina Accelerator startups with technology, operations, and business strategy.
Poorya has Ph.D. and an MBA from UC Berkeley and Inventor of several key technologies for DNA sequencing platforms (including 10 patents).

AT ixlayer we power at-home complex lab testing and can plug into any health system and lab. Patients can use our platform to order a kit online, physicians can use it to order testing on their patients at home. The ixlayer platform combines 6 building blocks into an efficient flow:Clinical laboratory, CRM, Cloud, Scientific algorithms, Physician/Scientist, Patient portal and patient experience in order to offer COVID-19 testing. For more details please see this blog: https://ixlayer.com/blog/technology-solutions-for-covid-19-testing/

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