Pumpkin Organics won SVE Entrepreneur’s Choice 2020 – Good taste is learnable


Pumpkin Organics, winner of SVE Entrepreneur’s Choice Award in SVE Demo Global 2020, is redefining baby food based on the nutritional science of the First 1,000 Days.

They are on a mission to change the way we feed our kids, and to contribute to a healthy, happy and high-performing next generation around the world.

Pumpkin Organics, helping to train tiny taste buds for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Midwives and doctors agree: ‘What babies eat early in life will influence their food preferences later in life‘​. Thus, the ‘first thousand days‘​ have a major impact on the future eating habits, health and quality of life of babies, as they can learn taste and food cravings. Science calls this phenomenon ‘metabolic imprinting‘​.

Therefore, would it not be smart to teach babies healthy eating habits from an early age, i.e. more vegetables and less sugar?

Good taste is not a coincidence, it is learnable.

We are parents who want to help other parents to support the development of their babies. So, we created Smart Food for Super Babies. All babies are super:) And our smart food – our recipes veggies-centric, 100% organic and with nothing extra – no added sugars, salt, preservatives or additives.

Discover more delicious food for babies at www.pumpkin-organics.com.

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