Startup Demo: 7EDU, Jun Lu @ F50 Global Capital Summit 2020


Startup Showcase: 7EDU Presenter: Jun Liu, CEO & Founder

SVE Elevate Stage, F50 Global Capital Summit Spring 2020

7EDU’s primary mission is to deliver the most effective quality of education to every single one of our students. We believe that every individual learns differently – thus, our educators understand that personalizing every student’s learning experience is the key to unlock their unique academic potential. Furthermore, 7EDU Impact Academy has embraced technological advances with adaptive teaching principles since its conception in 2014 & has delivered tremendous breakthroughs in the academic achievements of those we service. By consistently nurturing young minds to unearth their hidden potential while maintaining its position as a leader in educational technology, 7EDU Impact Academy promises to continue advancing its teaching methodology to accommodate for modern learning environments and to provide unique, personalized learning experiences designed for students to reach their highest goals in academics. For more information, please visit our website at

About Jun Liu

Founder and CEO of 7EDU, MBA in Social Entrepreneurship As the founder of 7EDU Impact Academy, Jun expresses her passion for education through her positive attitude and unshakeable belief in every student’s potential for academic achievement, regardless of the circumstance. Before starting 7EDU, Jun witnessed first-hand the tremendous weaknesses in traditional K-12 programs, particularly the lack of technological integration; thus, it is her belief that the application of new & emerging technology in combination with personalized teaching methodology is key to the future of academia. By combining adaptive teaching principles with advances in machine learning, Jun founded 7EDU Impact Academy in 2015 to redefine the educator’s philosophical approach to teaching by leveraging modern technology to personalize every learning experience for each student’s unique definition of success. Jun believes that every student learns differently, and that technology allows for educators to accommodate for all learning styles on a case-by-case basis.

SVE Global Demo & Elevate Track

is meant for entrepreneurs, founders, mentors, accelerators and investors. The track will provide a platform for early startups to present their idea to a global panel of judges, bootcamp sessions by reputed mentors, F50 Elevate Cohort Startup presentations and presentations by some of the highly successful startups. This the best opportunity for startup enthusiasts to learn from founder presentations and insights from industry leaders and investors. About the Global Capital Summit® (GCS): The Global Capital Summit® (GCS) is organized by F50, and co-hosted with F50 Elevate accelerator, the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, UCSF Entrepreneurship Center, and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur community. As the flagship event for the startup venture ecosystem, GCS finds and connects the next generation of world-changing tech innovators with partnerships to power their long-term impact, especially the ones that improve the living of humanity. The summit will feature 60+ extraordinary products and innovations, and over 700 attendees from world-leading corporations and the global investment ecosystem. The attendees are corporate executives, Angel investors, VCs, and a group of high-potential local founders.

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