The Infinite Game: Elevating HealthTech Innovation – Welcome Speech by David Cao @ F50 Global Capital Summit 2020


Welcome Speech script

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. It is my great honor and privilege to be here, on behalf of the four core hosting organizations, and 22 Global committee members to welcome all of you from around the world to join us for the fifth F50 global capital summit online. This event is curated together by a group of volunteer committee members including investors, entrepreneurs, and medical doctors word wide. Together with helpers, mentors, around the world. We attracted nearly 100 speakers worldwide, I’m super excited that, for the first time, I am here, from youtube to welcome you.

This year’s event was organized during an unprecedented time, a global pandemic. The pandemic has had great impacts, and brought on challenges to our healthcare systems as well as to our society. I, as an entrepreneur and investor, share the same view, along with many entrepreneurs and investors in the ecosystem, that there are many areas in which we as entrepreneurs and investors can use technology innovation and entrepreneurship to help the healthcare systems to be more effective in responding the current and the future pandemic, and needs our scienty

My parents worked in the healthcare system, in a small hospital in a small town in China. So I grew up in a faculty house there. However, at the age of sixty, my mom passed away due to diabetes and brain tumor. At that time I knew nearly nothing about the disease. And it wasn’t until I grew older and became less healthy, that I started spending more effort learning about and understanding aging and diseases. There’s a lot I have learned in the last 10 years. And I have become a big fan of standing meditation, integrated medicine, oriental medicine. I also realized that the diabetes that caused my mother’s death is one of the common chronic diseases caused by aging and living conditions.

With a master degree in computer science, as well as being an entrepreneur and community organizer, I have been always thinking, How can I help with healthcare innovation?

Lets start with F50. I started F50 6 years ago.

F50’s mission is to find and connect with world change entrepreneurs and connect them with global partnership and capital.  Last few years. F50 had presented over 50 health tech companies on the platform. And I invested in three of them.  I hope to help more entrepreneurs in the healthtech space.  Last year we launched the F50 Elevate elevate platform. And among the seven companies who have participated in Elevate, four of them are health tech companies. This year, we anticipate 90 to 90% of the Elevate companies will be house tech companies.

Also, 13 years ago, I created a community named SIlicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Startups,to help other grassroot entrepreneurs like myself. It  became the largest grassroot community in silicon valley few years ago. The SVE Demo by SVE is the largest and oldest community demo event in SV, SVE  hosted demo events in Google, Microsoft, and many other places, Draper University, we had to partner with a dozen Angel networks in the bay area. We started shifting the focus of the SVE demo to health tech and organized more than 5 healthtech focused demo events.

The question is, can we do more? Is it enough?  The pandemic actually forces everybody to rethink priorities. I saw the value in health tech innovation which leads us to see the many more opportunities and areas—with technology innovation and entrepreneurship—that can be addressed. I see healtech innovation as an infinite game, we will need to continue our effort.

This society needs to be better prepared for two things. Number one, preparation and reaction to disasters like a tsunami, earthquake, or another pandemic. Secondly, we must make health technology solutions, far more affordable for billions of people worldwide, especially for people under poverty.

Because of the pandemic, we also realize that the health of an individual is very important in fighting with the COVID. I believe that we together as a society have invested a lot of money to save people’s lives, as well as to cure disease which we need to continue.

Fundamentally, because of the pandemic, it forces us to think a level up, the nex area level can increase innovation to prevent the disease, before they need to be cured,  can we make people healthier with stronger immune systems? with earlier detection and diagnostics, lifestyle changes, and integrated medicine?

Ultimately, we should be looking for is that can we use our innovation to make people feel better, improve wellness, happiness and make people stronger

As you can see, this is an infinite game, We always need to continue. For my parents, to the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors, and never ends.  The global committee that was created  in response to this pandemic. We will do more beyond this summit. This year will continue to attract more leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and medical doctors to join the F50 global committee. We will invite more industry leaders to join us on our F50 Global Insights  channel every month to share their thoughts.. We want to work together as a community to help entrepreneurs and medical doctors in need. So, more innovations, more technology innovations can be empowered to support our society

For the next three days, join us on zoom. Join us on our YouTube channel to listen to leaders worldwide. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to watch these videos and millions of people worldwide will be able to see our message. I am sure you can find inspiration, knowledge, ideas, or solutions, as we come together for the infinite game of elevating health tech innovation.

For my first welcome speech on youtube, I want to invite all of you to join us together for elevating health tech innovation as an infinity game for our society together. Thank you.Published by Google DriveReport Abuse

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