SVE Demo announced BuzzAR as the winner of SVE Demo Sep 2021. Buzz AR augment places and faces, empowering the next billion users. Buzz AR was recommended by Iddo Tal, CEO of Raising the Round.

BuzzAR Cofounder Bell Lah &

REITIUM won the second place. REITIUM is the blockchain, real estate marketplace allowing everyone the ability to invest in income producing properties starting with $100 and share the rental income and appreciation through fractional ownership.

SVE Demo Sep 2021 @ SVE Youtube Channel

Presented Judges (order by first name):
David Cao, F50 Ventures
Iddo Tal, Raise the Round, Former Google / Invi
Pavan Kumar, 3PM Ventures
Wendy Hua, Angel Investor / VC

About Bell Beh, CEO of BuzzAR

Bell Beh, co-founder & CEO at BuzzAR, bootstrapped from 0 to US$3mil for her business. She quit a six-figure legal career at Marina Bay Sands (part of Las Vegas Sands) and started everything from scratch. Fast forward, years later, she is running her own multi million dollar business. Her vision is to build her own billion dollar empire.

Most recently, the company, BuzzAR, has signed MoU with Alibaba’s affiliate, Cloudbae. Further, her previous employer, Marina Bay Sands (part of Las Vegas Sands) and Bailian Group, China’s largest state owned commercial distribution group are amongst her clients. 

Her team does not stop at US$3 million, our mission is to empower everyone to “create”. Therefore, we created this photo and video editing tool, “HappyToon’‘, a Face to Cartoon AI Animation app, with computer vision/AR and proprietary AI technology, allowing users to create funny memes, lipsync, animate with songs in 15 secs, with just a static photo. BuzzAR also builds live chat (beta) for people to wear a Happytoon avatar, chat and connect with others during this pandemic period.

Our next SVE Demo on October 12