Dec 2022 Silicon Valley Startup Founder Showcase Presenters


We look forward to seeing you all this evening at 4:45 pm at Procopio Law Firm in Palo Alto for our first ever Silicon Valley Startup Showcase for PropTech, CleanTech, and HealthTech. Attached is the link for more information:

Here are the founders who will be presenting their startups tonight.

Hyprlift – James Hutchinson

HYPRLIFT Inc. is a technology startup that’s developing a next-generation elevator intended for skyscraper-class buildings. Unlike traditional elevators that rely on cables to hoist the cab up and down in a dedicated shaft, HYPRLIFT cabs are self-propelled, high-performance electric vehicles that are not bound to a single shaft, but instead navigate autonomously throughout multiple shafts.

AvanSight – Wayne Zhao

AvanSight is a software platform that makes new drug approval faster and better. Also known as the TurboTax of FDA submissions.

Remedly – Alexander Alishoev

Remedly is a software platform that is future-proofing the healthcare industry with innovative cloud-based software solutions that use automation to streamline workflows and improve patient care.

Jordan Motors Company – Peter Jordan

Jordan Motors Company is a clean energy startup that’s developing engines that run on water and electrolytes as their main source for energy instead of battery operated EVs.

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