Last Minute Call For PropTech and CleanTech Founders


To all PropTech and CleanTech Founders in Silicon Valley,

Last call for any of you who are interested in #pitching at our first ever Silicon Valley Startup Founder Showcase on December 13th.

Here’s the link:

We have rebranded SVEDemo to Silicon Valley Startup Founder Showcase to have a consistent name with Startup Founder World after we enhanced Startup Founder World’s online presence on #Youtube#Linkedin, and the Founder World Website, along with other channels.

Check out our recent videos at:

Come and win the free #branding opportunity through the Startup Founder World #global social media network.

We have some amazing investors who will be serving as judges and 20 #investors registered to attend on our #Eventbrite page.
You cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Our #judges include:

Randy Williams, Founder & CEO of Keirestsu Forum
Nikolai Oreshkin, Managing Partner of Elysium Capital
David Cao, Managing Partner of F50 Ventures
Sudhir Kadam – Venture Partner at FYDA Growth Partners
Yuji Doi, Investment Manager, Kajima
Eric Tao Professor of Computing and Design, California State University Monterey Bay.

Also, Startup Founder World  is looking for a couple of volunteers who can serve as lead organizers to join us. Come and talk with our team at the event if you are interested.

We look forward to meeting all of you!

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