Online Startup Founder Showcases Presents: Inorsa, InsurePro, FLX Solutions, OwnProp, myidfi, CoHome


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Presenting Startups (Updating in progress . ..)

CoHome, Mao Du

Real Estate Co-ownership Marketplace and Home Management App

Inorsa, Sean Shahin

Inorsa is an Automation Engine for telecom deployments. Cross check, validate, all your site information. Generate structural analysis and engineering drawings. Automate Close Out Packages, Rigging Plans, Lease Agreements, Mapping, and many other reports.

InsurePro, Prakash Mohandas

At InsurePro we are Building the most configurable and transparent business insurance platform. We launched our digital experience in March and since then have seen great traction. In about 7 months we’ve reached 2000 customers at 70% MoM growth since June. This growth is fueled by our marketplace that integrates with 20 of the major insurance carriers and provides a transparent shopping experience in 46 states. We have established product market fit with good unit economics are ready to scale and are seeking Series A style funding. 

FLX Solutions, Matt

FLX Solutions has created an intelligent snake-like inspection and maintenance robot that is miniaturized to operate in spaces that humans can’t easily access. The FLX BOT, is a patented 1” diameter, collaborative robot (cobot) that a worker can use to inspect spaces in existing buildings and other infrastructure and perform specified repairs. Its modular configuration is made up of identical, interchangeable links that each have a camera and sensors that provide autonomous obstacle avoidance. Interchangeable end effectors including drills, grippers, vacuums or sprayers allow the FLX BOT to perform real-time maintenance tasks in areas that human technicians can’t get to. The founding team at FLX is driven by a common goal to create cobotic solutions that support workers rather than replace them. Our collective engineering, robotics, operations, and start-up growth backgrounds provide the domain experience needed for success in this growing market. 


Myidfi,  Jeffrey Lee Nelson

A nexgen lead generation delivery solution via distributed ledger/smart contracts/NFT’s for the US residential mortgage market. Unlike current practices where lead generators share private consumer information with multiple lenders, resulting in a barrage of inbound calls, emails and texts, The myidifi solution removes all consumer frustration and discomfort.  The consumer structures their transaction and places it on the open marketplace for bid by the participating lenders.  A quick review of the offers and acceptance and the lender immediately receives the data required for fulfillment. No multiple shares of personal data. No annoying contacts from multiple lenders.  The myidfi results? Faster, simpler closings, lower cost in time and money for the consumer, and better execution/ROI for the lender.

OwnProp, Ethan Blumenthal

OwnProp tokenizes top notch commercial and multifamily properties, democratizing access to the world’s most valuable asset class – real estate. We work closely with private equity groups to syndicate their deals on our platform. This allows them to gain exposure to a larger investor base. These deals typically have high barriers to entry with $75k+ minimums and 5-7 year hold periods. However, blockchain technology enables us to lower the minimum for investors to hundreds of dollars and create a secondary marketplace to access liquidity.


  • Anita Biddapp, Partner, BVA
  • Antony Rallo, Angel Investor
  • David Cao, Managing Partner, F50 Ventures
  • Nikhil Choudhary, Partner, Nirman Ventures
  • Nikolai Oreshkin Elysium Venture Capital
  • Paul, Angel Investor
  • Pavan Kumar, Partner | Founder, 3PM Ventures
  • Scott Armanini, Angel Investor
  • Sunthar Premakumar, Founding Partner, Rex
  • Yuji Doi, Innovation Manager @ Kajima

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