RealizeMD launches Visual Data Service turns medical visual data into AI, enabling privacy compliant visualization


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RealizeMD, Founder World’s Startup of the Year 2021, Launches “RealizeMD SHOW”, The service addresses physicians in clinics within the plastic surgery, dental and medical aesthetics market, allowing them to lliberate highly regulated visual data that would otherwise be non-accesible due to privacy restrictions.

RealizeMD, the inventor of the Anonymizer algorithm, has released its new service to the market named “RealizeMD Show”. RealizeMD’s Visual Data Service turns medical visual data into AI, enabling privacy compliant visualization of plastic surgery, dental, and medical aesthetics procedures, both reconstructive and cosmetic, which would otherwise be impossible to access. AI-based patented algorithms allow clinics to use all before & after visual results while safeguarding patient’s privacy.


“Your experience counts, show it!” says Uri Neeman, Co-Founder & CEO of RealizeMD. “Clinics hold in average 10,000’s images of their treatment results, with only a handful they can publish on-line or in-clinic to potential customers”.
The system uses image recognition technology and artificial intelligence to do what has until now been impossible – to present the reality of plastic surgery, dental and aesthetic medicine. Show the work of physicians/clinicians, without compromising the privacy of patients. “We’re opening to the world the ability to experience the system for free, as a taste of what we have to offer. In addition, we enable registration to our beta version that produces a lot of content from all the clinic’s images and allows them to be used in the consultation process”, says Uri.

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RealizeMD has recently won Founder World’s Startup of the Year 2021, and is heading for a Roadshow hosted by F50 Ventures Mar 1-13 in Silicon Valley CA and Austin TX


About RealizeMD

RealizeMD – A Medical Aesthetics Visualization Service based on Real Results. We’ve created a new concept of Visual Data as a Service, to enable visualization of sought-after treatments in Plastic Surgery Dental and Medical Aesthetics, both reconstructive and cosmetic.

By leveraging AI and computer vision, RealizeMD allows clinics, patients, and medical staff to make use of visual data that would otherwise be non-accessible.


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