Austin Startup Founder Club

Austin Startup Founder Club  is a local startup founder meetup community focused on ConTech, PropTech, CleanTech, HealthTech, and Food & AgTech, new tech. It organizes a monthly showcase, founder mixer meetup.


Austin Startup Founder Showcase

Starting Oct 17, we will start to organize an offline Startup Founder Showcase meetup regularly. In each of the Startup Showcase meetups, we will feature 1 or 2 investors or successful or industry experts as speakers, and 4-6 earlier stage startups to present. The event is free to the founders.


The first offline Startup Founder Showcase by Austin Startup Founder Club in partnership with Startup Founder World in Austin on Oct 17,  sponsored by Rex, was a great success. The showcase is co-organized with The Developer Network, F50 Investor Network, and supported by a group of communities.

Startup Founder World YouTube channel will host the video of the selected startup winner(s) at its youtube channel, which has attracted over 200K views by  founders, and investors. The startup will also receive free social media coverage from various channels and partners.

The Austin local startups can participate in person in Austin. Non-local startups who wish to move / expand to Austin can also participate in an online showcase organized by Startup Founder World. Startups can apply here:



Austin Startups & Investors

Non local startups who have interest in Austin Texas can showcase at the online Showcase on Nov 2nd is powered by Startup Founder World, which  has been organizing online and offline demo in Silicon Valley for more than 10 years.


Startup Founder World is a global startup founder community rooted from Silicon Valley, has organized an online / offline Startup Showcase / Demo over the last 10 years. Some of the past winners:

  • BuzzAR raised $3M,

  • AgriBody acquired by Global Clean Energy Holdings in 2021.

  •  PhableCare raised $15M in 2021.

  • Oculii (acquired by ),

  • invi Messenger (acquired by Google)

  • GummiCube (Acquired by AirShip)

  • And many more.


All the winners of the program will be invited by Startup Founder Bootcamp & Showcase on Nov 13 hosted in Austin Texas during the Austin Startup Week


We had been hosting online events in the past. Check out the latest videos & recent speakers for Austin Startups and Investors:


Our world-class judges & mentors including Keith Teare, David Cao, Bill Reichert, Canice Wu,  Scott Armanini, Pava Kumar, Paul Singh, James Drage and many mor


About Austin Startup Founder Club’s home:



Youtube: Video:

Here is the speaker  / judge form (To submit your information): founderworld/sve/speaker-nomination/

Program Outline


Austin Startup & Founder Club  2022 program

  • Oct 17 Startup Founder Showcase Oct

  • Nov 2  Startup Founder Showcase Online

  • Nov 13: Founder Bootcamp (Select founders only) @ Lost Ridge Ranch

  • Nov 14: Startup Founder Bootcamp Showcase @ Austin

  • Dec 13: Startup Founder Showcase Dec



  • PropTech  / ConTech

  • Clean Energy

  • HealthTech

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • FoodTech / AgTech


Content format

  • Keynote & Welcome Remark

  • Speakers & Presentation

  • Startup Pitch and Demo (4 minutes each, plus Q&A)

  • Judge Feedback & Panel

  • Winner Announcement

Future and Recent Speakers

  • Anita Biddapp, Partner, BVA

  • Antony Rallo, Investor

  • Bill Reichert, Partner , Pegasus Tech Ventures

  • Canice Wu, Head of Insurance Practice, Salesforce

  • Daniel Wiegand, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Draper Startup House Accelerator

  • Dave Sanders, Managing Partner | Managing Partner, WorldBridge Partners | Northern California Investment Fund I & II

  • David Cao, Managing Partner, F50 Ventures

  • David Cao, Managing Partner, F50 Ventures

  • Iddo Tal, Founder, Raise the Round

  • Jaleh Daie, Partner | Chairman/Founder, Aurora Equity | Band of Angels

  • Jennifer Vancini, General Partner, Mighty Capital

  • Joe Merrill, General Partner, Sputnik ATX

  • John Paulos, Board Chair, Center Texas Angel Network

  • Krishna , LiveOak Ventures

  • Kumar Sripadam, Partner, Elevate Capital | Chair, Tie Angel

  • Laura Lorek, CEO, SiliconHill News

  • Liberty Madison, Tech Venture Studio

  • Lisa Besserman, Managing Partner, EXPA

  • Lu Zhang, Founder & Managing Partner, Fusion Fund Capital

  • Martin Martinez, Executive Director | Advisory Board Member, Founder Institute | SXSW

  • Nikolai Oreshkin, Managing Partner, Elysium Venture Capital

  • Paul Singh, Angel Investor, Tie Angels

  • Pavan Kumar, Partner | Founder, 3PM Ventures

  • Pavel Cherkashin, Managing Partner, Mindrock Capital

  • Philippe Kahn, Founder and CEO, Fullpower-AI

  • Rusty Bacon, Vice President, Morgan Stanley

  • Scott Arminini, Angel Investor, Bloomlife Inc.