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SVE Demo Day went online in March, 2020. The SVE Youtube Channel which hosted  the first SVE Demo Global 2020 as part of F50 Global Capital Summit 2020, and also SVE Demo Monthly, SVE Mixer and many other activities online since 2020, had  attracted 110K views since early 2020. The 2020 Grand winner AgriBody was acquired by Global Clean Energy Holdings in 2021, PhableCare raised $15M in 2021.

For the past decade, as the oldest and largest grassroot pitching meetup in Silicon Valley, SVE Demo monthly has been the place for founders to watch pitches, listen to investors, network and be part of a unique community。 The SVE Demo honored nearly 100 winners over the past 10 years, including several F50 Ventures Portfolio companies Oculii (Recently raised $50M), Invi (Acquired by Google), GummiCube (ASO SAAS), and many more..

Starting Oct 26, 2021, in five tracks, with live pitches, mentor insights, featured startup presentations, etc.. Each sector will be  live for over 4 hours and many members of this community and global audience joined to watch founders, judges, investors and thought leaders share their views. 

SVE Demo Global 2021 Summary 

Five Tracks

  • HealthTech
  • Ag & FoodTech 
  • Property Tech
  • Sustainability 
  • General (All others, FinTech, DeepTech  etc)

Content format for  each tech track

  • Keynote & Welcome Remark
  • Speakers & Presentation 
  • Startup Pitch and Demo (4minutes each, plus Q&A)
  • Judge  Feedback & Roundtable
  • Winner Announcement

Organizational structure for each track:

Judging committee

Chair of track: lead the judging process 

Secretary (Organizer): lead the preselection and logistic process

Award for each category (TBC)

     SVE  Startup of Year 2021: selected by Judge for each category

     Best Pitch

General Award

     Most Potential Founders

     Best Women Founder

     Best Texas Founder

SVE Entrepreneur’s Choice:  by popular vote (TBC)

Prize for the winner (TBC, T&C applies): 

  • One more two winners in each category
  • Special Marketing & Mentoring Package by SVE  & F50 (100K value, no cost to founder, T&C applies)
  • $100K investment rights (Optional, conditions apply)
  • 2 mentoring sessions by judge
  • Founder Camp




SVE Demo Global 2020

Fanale: Oct 27

Startup of 2020 (Judge Voting)

Vote Now on Youtube Entrepreneur’s choice (SVE Community Voting)

For the first time, we are organizing a SVE Demo Global 2020 startup competition including 3 SVE Demo events as part of F50 Global Capital Summit Fall 2020

SVE Demo is the largest and oldest monthly pitching event in Silicon Valley for over 10 years. SVE Demo Global 2020 is the global version of the demo meetup.

SVE Demo is the largest and oldest monthly pitching event in Silicon Valley for over 10 years. SVE Demo Global 2020 is the global version of the demo meetup.



Vote Now on SVE Youtube:

SVE Entrepreneur’s Choice 2020

Vote now by “like” the video on SVE youtube.

The startups who has the maximal number of likes by Oct 27th 11 AM will be the winner of SVE Entrepreneur’s Choice 2020″

List of startups 

SVE Demo Global 2020 Agtech Track

InSight Labs

InSight combines spectroscopy, chemo metrics and AI to power real-time food quality analysis applications for the food processing industry.

Omni Bev

Omni is the world’s first authentic Ready to drink Vietnamese cold brew coffee made with real Vietnamese beans.

 Pumpkin Organics 

Pumpkin Organics is redefining baby food based on the nutritional science of the First 1,000 Days.  They are on a mission to change the way we feed our kids, and to contribute to a healthy, happy and high-performing next generation around the world. 

Akorn Technology

Smart multi-functional food coatings that double the shelf life and enhance safety, quality, nutrition and taste of fresh produce.

Agribody Technologies

Agribody Technologies Inc. (ATI) Expands Global Food Security by Significantly Increasing Crop Yields and Extending Shelf Life Using Patented Gene Technology.

Automated Fruit Scouting

AFS’s proprietary Fruit Recognition System starts with a deep learning classifier trained on young fruit, then automatically trains itself as the fruit grow throughout the season. AFS’s solution applies to any fruit, vegetable, nut, or berry.

Avirtech Technologies

Avirtech provides crop intelligence including plantation control systems for monitoring site conditions through aerial and ground information. 

SVE Demo Global 2020 General Track


Epilert’s bracelet is a smart epilepsy monitoring device using 5 biosensors along with machine learning to offer the finest technology to detect and predict epilepsy seizures, and immediately alert caregivers.


Rubens is the big data-driven quality and provenance intelligence system for the fresh food supply chain.


Hidrent helps firefighters supplement their incomes during their 20 off-duty days each month by connecting them with people and businesses looking for safe, trustworthy and reliable handyman-type services.

SVE Demo Global 2020 India track


To become the pioneer in the field of non-academic & creative learning by being the leader in, range, quality of coaches and state of the art technology.

Kaze Living

Kaze Living is an NCR-based Farm-to-Fork venture that brings clean, pesticide-free, locally produced food to consumers’ doorsteps.


They help farmers protect crops, reduce input cost and increase crop quality and quantity. It’s next gen agriculture right on their mobile. is owned by E Online Tutors Inc, a company incorporated in the state of Georgia, USA.SVE Demo Global 2020 Oct 6th
BotzeeBotzee increases efficiencies and eliminates workplace injuries within hospitals by handling physically demanding and repetitive tasks.
  Athena Music & Wellness Therapy,Athena Music & Wellness Therapy is a mental wellness solutions provider, harnessing the power of music to help individuals with a myriad of challenges from autism to Alzheimer’s, and from addiction to depression. We specialize in clinical music therapy treatment, therapist education, mental wellness, and content licensing.
WatchRxWatchRx offers a smartwatch solution for seniors that provides visual medication reminders with name, dosage, and image with voice instructions, text messaging, phone calls, and collects vitalsLike your favorite Startups Now!

See you at SVE Demo Global 2020 Finale on Oct 27th

On Oct 27th. One Startup will be selected as “Startup of the Year” by the judging Panel. The winner will be promoted through our social network and have access to lots of our events.
Past Winners from SVE Demo Global from each sector will attend and present!Past Winners: Umeheal Ltd and Dokat Inc. View their great pitching videos down below.

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Process Detail

Startup of Month August – Umeheal

Startup of Month July – Dokat


Entrepreneur’s Choice July (Popular vote)

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Join us on July 22 9AM for the live session with Judges!


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