SVE Demo Global 2020 Process

Prizes for the Winner

Win the title of Startup of Year 2020

Win the title of Entrepreneur’s choice

Winner: Startup of the Month: judges will select one or two winners

  • Chance to be featured at F50 Global Capital Summit Fall
  • A dedicated blog post on
  • Featured on F50 / SVE youtube channel, SVE Community


A record / livesteam a 10 minutes live pitching + Q&A video for each startup

B Publish the video on SVE Youtube Channel for public voting

C Announce the voting result on Oct 27.

D Final Judge Review on Oct 27 announce the grand winner


Applica before Friday (Oct 1, Oct 8)

Startups submit: 

  • A Executive summary
  • B Deck
  • C 15 seconds video pitch for Instagram Reels, and clips

Startup Selection /Acceptance Oct 1nd

SVE Demo Live Process

Training Bootcamp, pitch practices: Oct 2nd Friday

How to pitch, the process


Release clips (of 15 seconds pitching video)

Live Pitching Tuesday Aug 6,13

Past I: Startup Pitching

Each Startup recording is around 15-20 minutes

  • 4 minutes presentation
  • 5-10 minutes Q&A 
  • 5m feedback (One minute per judge)
  • ??Judge give 0-2 votes publicly at the end, visible for the startup

Here is the voting format:

  • 0 neutral (No vote, default score)
  • 1 good, but you are not interested
  • 2 You would like to setup a one to one meeting, or “recommend” to an investor friends
  • 3 You are interested exploring investment, or a two sessions of free mentorship.

Private: Part II: Judge Feedback / select winner

Each judge gives a reason for the voting suggestions.

Entrepreneur’s Choice Public Voting

The startups who has the maximal number of likes two days after the live session day (Oct 27) 11AM will be the winner for the “SVE Entrepreneur’s Choice Startup award”

Winner Announcement

Winner for both award and Judge feedback on Youtube: Oct 27 (TBC)

Alternatively, you can join the zoom meeting with SVE team by schedule a time by email. SVE team will help you to do the cording

SVE Demo team reserve the rights to make necessary adjustment or optimizations to the process.

Terms and Conditions: Coming Soon