Founder World, formerly known as SVE Demo Global, went online in March, 2020.Our first SVE Demo 2020 had attracted 60K YouTubeviews since early 2020. The 2020 grand winner, AgriBody, was acquired by Global Clean Energy Holdings in 2021. PhableCare raised $15M in 2021.

For the past decade, as the oldest and largest grassroots pitching meetup in Silicon Valley, SVE Demo, now Founder World, has honored around 60 monthly winners, including several F50 Ventures portfolio companies such as Oculii (recently raised $50M), invi Messenger (acquired by Google),GummiCube (ASO SAAS), and many more.

In 2015, SVE, Google Developers, and F50 co-hosted the first Founder World in San Francisco, attracting 8,300 registered attendees. Now we are combining the efforts of Founder World and SVE Demo Global to power great founders in our community.

Starting Nov 19, 2021, Founder World will be packed with a pitch camp, keynote speakers, presentations, live startup pitches and Founder Camp. Additionally, about 20 startup finalists will compete in the final live pitch event in five tracks to win the title of Founder World Startup Of the Year.

A group of judges composed of global leaders, top-tier investors, VCs, and successful entrepreneurs will select 10 winners. The 10 winners will be invited to a 2-month online mentoring session, and a roadshow in Silicon Valley and at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The event is free to the founders.



Strategic Partners

Program outline

  • Founder World 2021 program

    • Nov 19-21: Pitching Camp 
    • Dec 1-2: Finale Demo (5 tracks, 20 finalists)
    • Dec 1:  Silicon Valley Startup Mixer
    • Dec 3: Founder World Judge & Investor Talk
    • Dec 3: Community Leader Summit
    • Dec 3: Austin Startup Mixer (TBC)
    • Dec 4-5: Founder Bootcamp (Finalist only) @ Lost Ridge Ranch
    • Dec 6: Award ceremony (Online + Lost Ridge Ranch)
    • Dec 15 – Feb: Mentorship (Winners only)
    • Feb, 2022: Roadshow Silicon Valley
    • March, 2022: Roadshow SXSW @ Austin

Award categories

  • Founder World 2021 Startup of the Year title (Official Winners)

    • 10 Startups will win the title & trophy
  • Other award categories

    • For founders
      • Best Pitch
      • Most Potential Founders
      • Best Women Founder
      • Best Founder – Founder’s Choice: by popular vote (TBC)
    • For Startups
      • Best Social Impact Startup
      • Best Texas Startup
      • Best International Startup
      • Best Startup – Founder’s Choice: by popular vote (TBC)

Keynote Speakers

Past Sponsors

Program Outline

Content format for each tech track

  • Keynote & Welcome Remark
  • Speakers & Presentation
  • Startup Pitch and Demo (4minutes each, plus Q&A)
  • Judge Feedback & Roundtable
  • Winner Announcement (One winner from each category)

Organizational structure for each track:

  • Judging committee
  • Chair of track: lead the judging process
  • Secretary (Organizer): lead the content and logistic process

Prizes for Startup of Year winners (TBC, T&C applies):

  • Roadshow @ Silicon Valley
  • Roadshow in SXSW @ Austin
  • Special Marketing & Mentoring Package by FounderWorld & F50 ($$ value, no cost to founder, T&C applies)
  • $100K investment rights (T&C apply)
  • Prize from our partners and sponsors (Coming soon)
 Note: (Travel & lodging cost not included)

For Finalists (All presenters)

  • Perks from sponsors and partners details coming soon.


About Founder World:
Founder World is the one of largest community-based public event dedicated to developers and founders. HQ in Austin, grew up in Silicon Valley, our vision is to bring world-class founders, developers, community leaders, investors and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, Austin and around the globe to engage with industry experts, network with potential partners, and see groundbreaking companies that will build our future.

Thousands of founders, developers, community leaders, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and around the globe will gather to engage with industry experts, network with potential partners, and see groundbreaking companies that will define our future. Each of our past conferences, demo nights and summits have been well received by the Silicon Valley community and beyond.

FounderWorld Award is the pillar of Founder World. Over 500 startups will enter to compete for the final 10 spots, as FounderWorld Startup of Year 2021, gaining premiere exposure to 100+ global media outlets and 1,000+ investors from our global network.

YouTube channel: Youtube./c/FunderWorld

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Fonder World | SVE Demo Global History

  • 2010 First SVE Pitch and Demo
  • 2013 First SVE Annual Demo event, Invi won the Startup of The Year Title
  • 2015 first Founder World, cohosted by SVE, Google Developer’s, and F50, 8300 registered attendees
  • 2018 Second Founder World 3000 registered attendees
  • 2019 F50 Elevate Demo 400 investors attended the offline event
  • 2020 SVE Demo Global, 50K views on YouTube

About SVE – SIlicon Valley Entrepreneur and Startups
Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs (SVE) is the largest grassroots movement of founders and developers in the Bay Area since 2008. Now with 80,000+ members on meetup and linkedin, we have multiple meetups every month:

  • SVE Demo: the largest and oldest community monthly & Annual pitching event.
  • SVE Mixer: finding co-founders, CTO, partners, and core team members
  • Hiking
  • SVE Talk: insightful talk with rising stars, successful founders, and investors
  • Founder Bootcamp

About F50 Ventures

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