SVE Mixer – Startup matching

Now a global startup matching meetup on Youtube and Zoom

Looking for your cofounder, CTO, Partner, Advisor, Investor? or core team members? Join The monthly SVE Mixer, online on Zoom, and youtube, and also on Linkedin group and telegram.

Note: this mixer is on Zoom, we will live stream the open mic introduction to youtube on SVE Youtube channel:

You can post on meetup message board or SVE Linkedin group:
Linkedin Group:

Join the conversionTag: #SVE

If you are hiring, post on Linkedin and tag SVE Linkedin, We will syndicate the listing to the community.

Note: recruiting only. No sales or service offer.
How to post:
If you are are looking for co-founders, partners, core team members, advisors, developers, or opportunities, you can post as comments at this meetup. Please no repeat, no sales, no spam.
You can also share to Twitter, linked in using tag #SVE

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