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Celebrating 15 Years of Innovation: Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs (SVE) Community

Fifteen years ago, in the heart of Silicon Valley, a passionate individual embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary. Little did they know...

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Austin Construction Tech Startup Inorsa won the Startup Founder Showcase Online 

Silicon Valley, Austin, Nov 10th - Startup Founder World  announced that Inorsa won the first online Startup Founder Showcase in Nov together with InsurePro. The showcase was co-organized with Austin Startup Founder Club and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Startups community.  Insorsa, an Austin Based constructio tech startup with mission to  accelerate engineering deployments through automation and AI,  was selected by the judge panel which included Pavan Kumar of 3PM Ventures, Nikhil Choudhary of Nirman Ventures,  David Cao, F50 Ventures Ventures, Sunthar Premakumar of Rex, and  Yuji Doi of Kajima. “We're proud of our 10x customer base growth and expansion of build outs for this year. In years to come, we are excited to help customers build and maintain...

Boom, D-Wave, Rescale, and silicon valley’s best startups and investors on Youtube from Global Capital Summit

GCS 2018 Spring is one week away with a group of amazing founders and hundreds of investors.  Now, I would like to invite you to check out some of the videos from 2017 which we just released to get a sense of Silicon Valley’s best startups (Boom, D-Wave, Rescale, Fiskr, and many more) The SVE Startup Talk Channel on Youtube Also, check out Global Capital Summit 2018 featured companies:

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